Who are we?

We could write a lot about ourselves, but we feel there is no need for this. Because you can see everything with your own eyes and/or hear with your own ears. Usually other schools write the following things about the advantages they offer:

1. Many schools work via Skype, so you can study Russian at home. We use the Electa Virtual Classroom service. We have tested many software programs, and came to the conclusion that this was the best software available at the moment.

2. On-line schools inform you that “All of our tutors are native speakers”. All of our tutors are not only native speakers (standard Russian language, not Ukrainian, Ural or Southern dialects), but also university-degree teachers of Russian as a second language, with a wide experience of teaching at off-line language schools. There are three instructors at the moment, and this number is unlikely exceed five people. Between the three of us, we had over 10,000 hours of Russian lessons with foreigners.

3. Sometimes other schools offer you to choose a tutor "by photo". At our school, you can choose or even make your own program. You will have 2 lessons with a tutor before you decide if he/she is OK for you or not, and you do not pay anything for these 2 lessons.

4. All schools have trial lessons. As a rule, these are level assessment lessons. However, these are not really lessons, but rather oral tests. We provide 2 free lessons: a level assessment lesson and an entire lesson custom-tailored to your individual needs.

5. Other schools often mention their wide experience and thousands of happy students. We cannot boast of this yet, but we are able to offer you a program developed personally for you, not a "program that fits all". In addition, you will be given plenty of time before paying for the service, so that you can decide clearly if our format suits you.

6. Other schools often work using their own educational materials. Of course, we do this as well. Nevertheless, if we find something that is just right for you in some textbook, we will use that as well. Based on the results of the course, you will get a portfolio that you can keep forever.

7. In addition, we have the most flexible lesson cancellation policy possible. We simply have no cancellations whatsoever)

8. All wish to show that they are better than the others. As for us, we hope that this will be obvious, and therefore, if you are not interested in our offer, you are welcome to have a look at our top Russian language schools.

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