22 August

How to become C2 in Russian? How much does it cost and how long does it take?

To become C2 you need 1700 hours. C2 is a “spy-level”, so you have to work hard. So, what is 1700 hours of learning Russian? It is 85 weeks of learning (20 hrs per week without breaks)...

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15 July

Russian holidays

Like the whole world, Russian people love celebrating their holidays. Celebrations in Russia reflect many aspects of its history, culture and traditions. Some Russian festivities are official publ...

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21 June

What should you know about official requirements in Russian language

There are 7 levels (CEFR and Russian system). A1  - elementary. 700 words, ability to participate in simple talks A2  - basic. 1300 words, “survival level”, possibility to ...

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13 June

Russian newspapers. Policy, rumors and sport.

There are only three subjects, people in every country more likely to read about. The first one is policy (and economy). Some nations choose the other order (economy and policy) but we in R...

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