21 September

Numbers (worksheet to practise), A1-

Learning numbers is a big deal and important part of learning languages. Here we publish a fragment of worksheet we have had with our student Bruce. Keep learning Russian :)

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13 September

I have (конструкция "У меня есть"), А0

Do you have or you don’t have? У тебя ́ есть и ́ ли у тебя ́ нет? In Russian the construction “ Do you have ” is specific. It’s...

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28 August

Картинки по запросу A1 CEFR

First lessons with a student A1-A2

This is always very difficult to start a first lesson with a student, you know only few things about. We believe that the best option for the first meeting is communication. You might be drastical...

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17 August

Siberian Literature (B2, Reading)

This handout was prepeared for our student Julian, because he is interested in literature (particularly in Siberian and Ural Literature) and going to write PHd about Alexei Ivanov (famous Russia...

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10 August

Animals. Wildlife (vocabulary workshit, A2)

This handout was prepared for our student Annabel, who works at the Zoo in France. She doesn't need Russian language at work, so we all do it for fun only :) We hope it could be helpful for someb...

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3 August

The history of Internet. 2002-2016 (worksheet for discussion). B1+

In July 2017 there was an anniversary of the service "Yandex. Money". Many people call it Russian PayPal (but we would say it's more like Skrill or 2CheckOut systems). We have adjusted their perf...

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28 July

Labour market in Russia (B1-B2), reading

Check vocabulary before reading! Рынок труда – labor market Головная боль – headache ; головная боль для – pr...

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23 July