28 July

Labour market in Russia (B1-B2), reading

Check vocabulary before reading!

Рынок трудаlabor market

Головная больheadache; головная боль для – problem for

Испытывать трудности to be in trouble

Платить налогиpay taxes

Пользоваться спросом to be in demand

Требования кrequirements

Дефицит кадров shortage of staff

Словом, - briefly

Белая зарплата in Russia the Company pays all the taxes (pension, insurance, personal taxes). But sometimes companies don’t want to do it and pay for their employees. And they do some “tricks” to avoid payments. When all payments are 100% legal we call it “white salary”.

Как правилоnormally

Брать в расчёт take into consideration // take into account

Особо нетnot really

Не обещают don’t promise (don’t provide opportunities)

Другое делоanother thing

По данным according to

Данные data / information

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Picture from the site of the magazine "Огонёк"