19 November

Картинки по запросу квн

How many dresses (A1+, listening, script)

We all  know that it is not very easy to find authentic audio materials for students with A-levels. And when we find such a video we have to share it and that is exactly what we do here. This video refers to a national Russian comedy show KVN (must be read as "клуб весёлых и находчивых" or "club of funny and inventive"). In USSR it was, may be, the only place for young people to practice their smartness and show sence of humor. But this show was so fabulously popular that even 25 years after USSR collapsed it is still at the top. In the worksheet we "decoded" a small situation "at the party" played by the participants of Cheliabinsk team "Bomond". Watch to know, what is Russian humor :)