20 October

First lesson for A2 students, worksheet

A2 is one of the best and easiest level for teaching. Students already can speak, but there is plenty of work to do and the progress is obvious.

Anyway sometimes it is not very easy to define the level of the students like that. Because there is a A2/B1 paradox. When students keep concentration and control themselves it seems that they are already B1. But if there are any extralinguistic issues (didn't sleep well, sick, thinks about other problems), it is very difficult to assess the student as "A2-level holder". In the worksheet we offer the purely communicative technology to assess the level of students like that.

Each question refers to a certain lexical or/and grammatical topic.

For example, the correct understanding and dood answer to the question 3 will tell us, that the person knows Instrumental and dative and understands the difference between it.

Questions 4 and 5 help to understand the comprehension of so called "ним/ня" verbs.

Questions 7 and 8 reveal the competence on "phase" verbs (not phrasal verbs!).


Happy teaching or learning!