2 October

Картинки по запросу слова коллаж

How do we work with your vocabulary? A simple example

Every lesson we collect some new words. The thing is, that not all these words were planned to be learned. This is absolutely normal, but what should we do with those we've learned "accidentally"? Our teachers don't like to lose useful information, that is why we gather all the vocabulary items and make individual materials to work with it.

We take into consideration two very important CEFR principles, so our exercises meet the conditions of 1) situational authenticity (we design natural situations to touch students' interests) and 2) interactional authenticity (so, you can transfer the lesson communication into real life).

So, we can achieve two things (in Russian there is an idiom "to kill two hares with one shot" - "убить двух зайцев одним выстрелом"). We don't lose useful vocabulary and we make tasks to practise the new words interactive and involving, concerning to your personality and your daily activity. 

Here you can see a sample of it. Start or keep learning Russian!