13 September

I have (конструкция "У меня есть"), А0

Do you have or you don’t have?

У тебя́ есть и́ли у тебя́ нет?

In Russian the construction “Do you have” is specific. It’s much better to translate as “It belongs to me” and it would be literally correct to say “to me belongs it”. Russians are very polite J and they don’t prefer saying “I”. No, nothing personal. It’s definitely a bit weird to say “brother belongs to me” but… Russians do)

“Me” differs to “I”, so we have to change Russian personal pronouns as well. The correct phrase would be:

У меня̒ есть кот (to me belongs a cat). This form ("меня") is called “genitive” – we will see it later in its best. And the good thing: in Russian there are no articles!

In the worksheet you will see the transformations of the personal pronouns.