22 August

How to become C2 in Russian? How much does it cost and how long does it take?

To become C2 you need 1700 hours. C2 is a “spy-level”, so you have to work hard. So, what is 1700 hours of learning Russian?

It is 85 weeks of learning (20 hrs per week without breaks) or 100+ weeks with breaks. 100+ weeks is 2+ years. (normally it takes much more than 2 years).

It is around 25.000 eur to spend on lessons. Average cost of an academic hour in Russia (good group course) is about 14 eur.

And it costs 17.000 eur to become technically fluent (to get B2+). Of course you can learn faster to obtain better results.

The “maximal speed” ever fixed for an indo-European (but not slavic) language speaker is 26 weeks to become B2+ (the person has spent 7500 euros).

It is 16.000 words, 300+ written texts, 400 Gb of audio and video, 28 kilometers of lines in books and 3000 hours of active speaking (for language immersion. By the way only language immersion can provide you results in the diagram above).

It is also about 2500 pages of textbooks or other learning materials.

Are you ready to start the journey? We can help :) Unfortunately it wouldn't be significantly shorter period of time but it is definitely 50-60% less expensive :)